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Energy Efficient Windows from Marvin

Energy Efficient Windows from Marvin

Keep utility bills down with energy efficient windows from Marvin.

When shopping for windows, you will likely see an energy-performance label with numbers and codes indicating the windows energy performance rating. Windows that are ENERGY STAR certified are designed to perform and are rated by a criteria that varies depending on your regional areas climate and requirements.Ā The primary way a windows energy efficiency is rated is by its U-Factor. A products U-Factor is determined by how well a window keeps heat inside your home, a low U-Factor means the window has better insulating properties.


In the Northeast where Woodbury Supply and Millwork Masters are located, all certified Energy Savings windows will have a U-Factor of less than or equal to .30. This rating is higher than many other regions, due to the cold climate and importance of minimizing heat loss.


Marvin has over 28,000 certified window and door product/glass options that meet these regional requirements and allow for a range of design options dependent on your needs. Some of these options include the number of glass panes, the addition of argon or krypton gas fills, frame material used and the glass glazing options chosen. Marvin’s thousands of options give you the customization and flexibility to not only meet the energy requirements of your location, but have a strong performing window with energy cost savings.


For even more helpful information to have when shopping for new windows, watch Marvin’s run through on energy savings basics.

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