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New Products from Marvin

New Products from Marvin

Introducing Marvin Skycove & Awaken

Marvin recently introduced two new products they will be adding to their product line, a skylight known as ‘Awaken‘, and a fully constructed glass box structure known as ‘Skycove‘.

The Awaken skylight offers adjustable ambient lighting, a ventilation system that allows all four sides to open, and smart sensors that monitor the air quality and expected weather conditions. Its fiberglass design was specifically designed to allow for maximum lighting and views, and a screen system that does not obscure your view.

Designed with the same mindset of letting the light in, the Skycove creates up to 20 square feet of space for you to enjoy while being surrounded by nature. The frame is constructed with high density fiberglass allowing for a number of people to accommodate on the finished wooden seat bench, available in pine, red oak, and mixed-grain Douglas fir.